Handmade Cards Because Sign/Frame

Words by Katie Bolinger
This sign completely steals my heart!  I keep all of my handmade cards sent to me in a box of treasures.  Do you keep yours?

$20 + $5 shipping
Dimensions: 11″ x 14″ and 10mm thick
Specify type display:  Kick Stand or Wall Hanger
Indicate if you want the word “Cards” in color or kept in it’s natural wood when ordering.
If left blank it will be left in it’s natural wood.
Frame ships 4-5 business day after it’s been ordered.

Select type of display device desired
Color for the word “Cards”

$40 + $5 shipping
Dimensions:  19″ x 12″ and 1-1/16″ thick
Hanging Hardware: 1 – Sawtooth Hanger
Frame ships 5-7 days after it’s been ordered.

Color for the word “Cards”


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